Intelligent Systems

2012-07 Lehrgebiet IS

The Intelligent Systems area at the University of Kaiserslautern offers both Bachelor and Master degrees, as well as the opportunity to earn Ph.D. degrees.  This site summarizes information for students and prospective students.  

Research Groups

Head of Research GroupResearch TopicsResearch LinksTeaching Links Modules
 Prof. Dr. Thomas BreuelImage Understanding and Pattern RecognitionResearch TeachingModules
 Prof. Dr. Andreas DengelKnowledge-Based SystemsResearch Teaching 
 Prof. Dr. Paul LukowiczIntelligent Embedded Systems

 Prof. Dr. Didier StrickerAugmented RealityResearch Teaching 

Bachelor / Master: Courses and Planning

This site contains informal, non-binding information about the 
Please note that neither of these is authoritative and they are both subject to change.  However, if you see problems with either document, please send a note to the contact person so that we can try to fix it.

Official resources:

Contact Person and Approval / Signatures

If you have questions about any aspect of the program, please contact Thomas Breuel by sending mail to

Generally, both Bachelor and Master students need to have their course choices approved.  For approval, please drop off your planning sheet with the secretary in room 48-459; you can pick up the signed sheet within a week.  If you need to talk about your course choices with the Intelligent Systems contact person (Thomas Breuel), please make an appointment with   Please allow at least a week to get an appointment.  

Please remember that students are responsible for planning their course of study and making sure that all requirements and deadlines are met.  The contact person (Lehrgebietsbeauftragter) only determines whether your set of courses makes sense from an academic point of view.


There are many opportunities for Ph.D. studies within the Intelligent Systems area.  In order to complete a Ph.D. in the department, you need to meet the academic requirements, obtain funding, and find a research group and thesis supervisor.  Generally, you should get the process started by identifying a potential Ph.D. thesis supervisor within the department.

In order to get admitted to the Ph.D. program in the department, you need to meet the academic requirements.  Generally, this means that you need a master degree that is comparable to a master degree from our department, although it can be in a different field from computer science.   Students not meeting these requirements upon admission generally need to take some additional graduate-level courses within the department.  Please discuss this with your prospective Ph.D. supervisor.

Funding for Ph.D. positions can come from a variety of sources.  Most commonly, funding comes from either graduate fellowships or research project positions.  

DAAD Fellowships

For foreign students, an important potential source of funding is the DAAD.  We encourage students to apply for DAAD fellowships.  In order to apply for a DAAD fellowship, you should find a Ph.D. supervisor within the department and work out a research proposal together.  This process usually needs to start several months before the DAAD application deadline.